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Baby Temperature In Armpit

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Baby temperature in armpit. Has a rectal ear or temporal artery temperature of 1004 f 38 c or higher has an oral temperature of 100 f 378 c or higher has an armpit temperature of 99 f 372 c or higher. Hold your babys arm down against his side to ensure that the tip of the thermometer is surrounded by skin. Normal oral temperature should be between 355 and 378 degrees celsius. Dry the armpit since moisture conducts heat and may give a false reading.

Especially if the baby was born prematurely or is younger than 3 months old. Your child has a fever if he or she. Therefore when the temporal artery temperature exceeds the 1003 degrees fahrenheit mark its regarded as a fever in the baby. Removing your babys clothing will make it easier.

Normal armpit temperature should be below 347 to 373 degrees celsius for rectal thermometers the normal range is 366 to 380 degreescelsius as always get in touch with a gp or healthcare professional if youre concerned. Hi what is the normal temperature for the armpit for baby. Place the thermometer as high up into the armpit as possible with the tip pointing toward your babys head. Its easy convenient and safe and all you need is a regular digital thermometer.

1 doctor answer 1 doctor weighed in. The downside is that an armpit reading is far less accurate than other methods. This is a reliable method to measure temperature in children of any age. This is called the axillary temperature.

Axillary temp can be 12 to 1 degree lower than oral temp. Normal baby temperature armpit review 2020 in general contact your childs doctor if your child is younger than age 3 months and has a rectal temperature of 1004 f 38 c or higher. Some doctors recommend taking a babys temperature in the armpit. 4745 views answered oct 10 2020.

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